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masterUpdate for latest bitstring versionPeter Bex7 years
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2016-03-04Update for latest bitstring versionHEADmasterPeter Bex
2016-03-04Apparently even nonblocking reads are blocking in a way(?!) and we will get m...Peter Bex
2016-03-04Change test descriptions to match realityPeter Bex
2016-03-04Switch to nonblocking I/O and get rid of bpf-read-timeout since it is useless...Peter Bex
2016-03-04Make ioctl interface a little less verbose by generating some stuff that's al...Peter Bex
2016-03-04Implement filter settingPeter Bex
2016-03-04Add stats procedurePeter Bex
2016-03-04Implement timeout IOCTLPeter Bex
2016-03-04Expose flush ioctl and add listing/getter/setter of datalink types.Peter Bex
2016-03-04Fix commentsPeter Bex