bpfBerkeley Packet Filter interface for CHICKEN Scheme. 7 years
chicken-postgresqlPostgreSQL support for CHICKEN Scheme via libpq C API bindings. 19 months
efaxA CHICKEN Scheme library for sending fax messages via the eFax API. 7 years
henrietta-cacheEgg cache builder for the Henrietta egg server. 23 months
hg-egg-authorA Mercurial extension to make life easier for authors of CHICKEN eggs. 7 years
http-clientHttp-client is a highlevel HTTP client library written in pure Scheme. 14 months
intarwebAdvanced HTTP library to make building HTTP clients and servers convenient. 20 months
ppqA portable way of running PostgreSQL locally. 2 months
pseudo-meta-egg-infoSpiffy plugin for automatic release-info and file listings for SVN-hosted eggs. 5 years
scsh-processEgg to add Scheme Shell process notation to CHICKEN Scheme. 20 months
smsmatrixA CHICKEN Scheme library for sending fax or SMS messages via the SMSMatrix API. 7 years
spiffySpiffy is a small web server written in pure Scheme. 3 years
t-dose-chicken-5T-DOSE 2019 presentation: What's cool about CHICKEN 5. 4 years
ugarit-backend-s3Ugarit backend for storing backups in Amazon S3 (or compatible) 21 months
vps-builderLightweight VPS image builder. 7 years