BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterBump version to 1.6Peter Bex14 days
1.6henrietta-cache-1.6.tar.gz  Peter Bex14 days
1.5.1henrietta-cache-1.5.1.tar.gz  Peter Bex6 months
1.5henrietta-cache-1.5.tar.gz  Peter Bex6 months
1.4henrietta-cache-1.4.tar.gz  Peter Bex7 months
1.3henrietta-cache-1.3.tar.gz  Peter Bex19 months
1.2henrietta-cache-1.2.tar.gz  Peter Bex19 months
1.1henrietta-cache-1.1.tar.gz  Peter Bex5 years
1.0henrietta-cache-1.0.tar.gz  Peter Bex6 years
0.4.1henrietta-cache-0.4.1.tar.gz  Peter Bex6 years
0.4henrietta-cache-0.4.tar.gz  Peter Bex7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysBump version to 1.6HEAD1.6masterPeter Bex
14 daysAdd note why module is commented outPeter Bex
14 daysChange default CHICKEN release to 5Peter Bex
14 daysAlso copy over dotfiles after extracting the egg archivePeter Bex
2019-09-22Add 1.5.1 to release info filesPeter Bex
2019-09-22Bump version in setup file to Bex
2019-09-22Remove module wrapperPeter Bex
2019-09-22Add build artifacts to ignore filePeter Bex
2019-09-22Release 1.5Peter Bex
2019-09-22Fix CHICKEN 4 imports1.5Peter Bex