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masterFix error message string substitutionPeter Bex10 years
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2012-04-09Fix error message string substitutionHEADmasterPeter Bex
2012-01-08No need to flush, if we actually _call_ the close method instead of just refe...Peter Bex
2012-01-08Added tag 0.1 for changeset 4a1abf0e2226Peter Bex
2012-01-08Flush meta-file after writing to it. This allows us to properly probe whether...Peter Bex
2011-06-05Also ignore .hgignore when updating meta-filesPeter Bex
2011-05-28Fix error situation when there are no hgtags. Python is dumb...Peter Bex
2011-04-03Add meta-file updating feature to eggtag command, controlled by an hgrc optionPeter Bex
2011-04-03Add update-meta command that updates the meta filePeter Bex
2011-03-29Add instructions here tooPeter Bex
2011-03-29Add README file to test how that works on bitbucketPeter Bex