AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-14Close extraneous file descriptors to prevent an FD leak.HEADmasterPeter Bex
2021-09-14Fix issue with redirection in run/port (and, by extension, run/string)Peter Bex
2020-05-17Bump version to Bex
2020-05-17Use 0666 as default file-open modeVasilij Schneidermann
2019-05-16Add 1.5.2 to release-info filesPeter Bex
2019-05-16Add missing chicken.fixnum import for `fx+ in `run` macro1.5.2Evan Hanson
2019-01-20Use https instead of http for locationsPeter Bex
2018-10-10Bump version to 1.5.1 (for some reason 1.5.0 was not pointing to the latest c...Peter Bex
2018-10-04Add 1.5.0 to release-info1.5.1Peter Bex
2018-10-04Bump version to Bex
2018-10-04Use llrb-tree for pending processes to conserve some ressources and use only ...Jörg Wittenberger
2018-08-16Add release-info for CHICKEN 5, bump version1.4.0Peter Bex
2018-08-16Port scsh-process to CHICKEN 5Peter Bex
2018-08-16Wrap tests in module to make porting easierPeter Bex
2018-08-16Drop bogus testPeter Bex
2018-04-21Bump version to Bex
2018-04-21Make ">" redirect truncate existing filesPeter Bex
2018-01-26Bump version to Bex
2018-01-26Fix ordering of (= x y) redirection EPFPeter Bex
2018-01-23Bump version to Bex
2018-01-23Do not connect stdin to subprocess' stdout in run/filePeter Bex
2017-12-09Bump version to Bex
2017-12-09Do not redirect stderr to stdin in fork/pipe.Benutzer
2017-11-18Tag Bex
2017-11-18Run signal handler in a separate threadPeter Bex
2017-11-18Perform trial wait with "nohang" set to #t when blockingPeter Bex
2017-11-10Tag Bex
2017-11-10Also unmask (if needed) sigchld in the child process thunkPeter Bex
2017-11-10Don't unmask signal if the signal was already masked before forkingPeter Bex
2017-11-09Tag Bex
2017-11-09Temporarily mask sigchld to avoid race condition in forkPeter Bex
2017-11-08Tag Bex
2017-11-08Add a test case for "annonymous" wait.Jörg Wittenberger
2017-11-08Fix process-wait on #f or a plain pidPeter Bex
2017-06-29Tag Bex
2017-06-29Ensure ports are closed after reading in run/...* procedures (thanks to Jörg...Peter Bex
2017-06-03Tag Bex
2017-06-03Reinstall deadlock workaround thread when forking with thread killingPeter Bex
2017-05-23scsh-process: Add release 0.80.8Peter Bex
2017-05-23Fix race condition that caused mutex to get unlocked when the process wasn't ...Peter Bex
2017-05-23chicken-version is not from setup-apiPeter Bex
2017-05-23Block only current thread instead of entire process when waiting for a child.Jörg Wittenberger
2017-01-28scsh-process: Add release Bex
2017-01-28Bump version to 0.7.1 (forgot to do that when tagging)Peter Bex
2017-01-24Update copyright yearPeter Bex
2017-01-24scsh-process: Add release 0.70.7Peter Bex
2017-01-21Clear pending process table on fork.Peter Bex
2017-01-21Also export proc:pid (thanks to Joerg Wittenberger)Peter Bex
2016-09-24Bump version to 0.60.6Peter Bex
2016-09-24Add proc:pid, proc?, signal-process and process-sleep for improved compatPeter Bex