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masterUpdate release-info to point to more-magic.netPeter Bex8 years
0.1smsmatrix-0.1.tar.gz  Peter Bex12 years
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2016-03-04Update release-info to point to more-magic.netHEADmasterPeter Bex
2011-09-03Updated release-info file for release tag 0.1Peter Bex
2011-09-03Added tag 0.1 for changeset 77ba11954a240.1Peter Bex
2011-09-03Updated meta-file for release 0.1Peter Bex
2011-06-22Implement fax API (which I haven't been able to test successfully and which i...Peter Bex
2011-06-20Always use https when a username/password is required and use the slightly sh...Peter Bex
2011-06-09Move aside, parens!Peter Bex
2011-06-09Be consistent... "incoming-only?:" is ugly as hell for a keywordPeter Bex
2011-06-09Map statuscode and timestamp to numbers, for conveniencePeter Bex
2011-06-09Convert Unix timestamps to numbersPeter Bex