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masterLock down user's home dirsPeter Bex6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-04-15Lock down user's home dirsHEADmasterPeter Bex
2016-04-02Add locales for en_US, en_GB and nl_NLPeter Bex
2016-03-22Add a note about httpredirPeter Bex
2016-03-22Replace "locales" package by "locales-all" in minimal package list.Peter Bex
2016-03-20Add a default chicken and user bin to PATHPeter Bex
2016-03-19Move DEBIAN_FRONTEND up, because with-running-system is too latePeter Bex
2016-03-05Reconfigure time zone after basic setup.Peter Bex
2016-03-04Set EDITOR as well, because nano is just too painfulPeter Bex
2016-03-01Add preconfigured apt/sources.listPeter Bex
2016-02-22Ensure we set an empty (crypted!) password, so user can set it after logging ...Peter Bex