AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-21Bump version to 6.3HEAD6.3masterPeter Bex
2019-12-21Properly encode paths in simple-directory-handlerPeter Bex
2019-01-20Use https instead of http for locationsPeter Bex
2019-01-17Add 6.2 to release-infoPeter Bex
2019-01-17Update version to 6.26.2Peter Bex
2019-01-17Use port-closed? instead of ##sys#slot, fixing output hangsJim Ursetto
2018-08-15Add 6.1 to release-info filePeter Bex
2018-08-15Drop hard dependency on posix-groups so Spiffy works again on Windows6.1Peter Bex
2018-08-01Add 6.0.1 releasePeter Bex
2018-08-01Add component dependency on spiffy to simple-directory-handler6.0.1Peter Bex
2018-07-29Add release-info6.0Peter Bex
2018-07-29Port to CHICKEN 5Peter Bex