AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-12-21Bump version to 6.3HEAD6.3masterPeter Bex
2019-12-21Properly encode paths in simple-directory-handlerPeter Bex
The original simple-directory-handler would only html-encode paths to files. This is obviously completely bogus; the path strings need to get everything except slashes encoded. Without this change, paths containing spaces or brackets of any kind would result in links which caused the server to reject the request, because the resulting URI would be invalid. Browsers aren't always smart enough to properly encode all special characters (which makes sense, because they shouldn't mess with URIs, but they sometimes do, which means we never really noticed this). Also get rid of those ugly [] parenthesis synonyms and update copyright year.
2019-01-20Use https instead of http for locationsPeter Bex
2019-01-17Add 6.2 to release-infoPeter Bex
2019-01-17Update version to 6.26.2Peter Bex
2019-01-17Use port-closed? instead of ##sys#slot, fixing output hangsJim Ursetto
Port slot 8 (closed?) changed from a bool to a fixnum in Chicken 5, which made the existing port closed test always succeed, so output was never flushed. This can lead to hangs when output size is less than tcp-buffer-size. Use the official accessor instead. Signed-off-by: Peter Bex <>
2018-08-15Add 6.1 to release-info filePeter Bex
2018-08-15Drop hard dependency on posix-groups so Spiffy works again on Windows6.1Peter Bex
2018-08-01Add 6.0.1 releasePeter Bex
2018-08-01Add component dependency on spiffy to simple-directory-handler6.0.1Peter Bex
2018-07-29Add release-info6.0Peter Bex
2018-07-29Port to CHICKEN 5Peter Bex